Modem should be in tomorrow.
Because we called, and Comcast never fucking shipped it! So no they’re sending it overnight.
8D I love my cable company

BedHead Just Needs A Special Somepony Who'll Take The Time To Comb His Mane Out For Him Daily~! *smiles sweetly* ^w^

Bed head, have you tried horrendous amounts of hair gel?

How Mean Anon! >~<" *Brushes Bedhead's Hair Back To Normal And Places A Flower Crown On His Head* There! All Better! ^w^

You so cutest pony *warm smile* ^^

*Intensely ruffles Bedhead's hair and it's suddenly well groomed* How Does That Even-?



Rory: was there some pony else that had the name Rory that you know.?

Rory: i don't normally do this but, you are the cutest pony ive seen in a long time.

hoot hoot what a cute~